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Precincts Reporting1111
Johnson County Circuit Judge (Circuit 17, Division 1) - RepublicanVotes
William (Bill) Collins5,572
Johnson County Associate Circuit Judge Probate Division - RepublicanVotes
Brent Teichman3,471
Chad Pfister2,541
Johnson County Associate Circuit Judge Associate Division - RepublicanVotes
Sue Dodson4,307
Lorri Wilbee-Kobe1,556
Johnson County Presiding Commissioner of the County Commission - RepublicanVotes
William H. (Bill) Gabel5,509
Johnson County Clerk of the Circuit Court - DemocratVotes
Stephanie Elkins2,637
Johnson County Clerk - RepublicanVotes
Diane Norcross Thompson5,643
Johnson County Recorder of Deeds - RepublicanVotes
Stormy Taylor5,567
Johnson County Collector of Revenue - DemocratVotes
Ruthane Small2,672
Johnson County Prosecuting Attorney - RepublicanVotes
Rob Russell5,620
Johnson County Auditor - RepublicanVotes
Chad Davis5,722
Johnson County QuestionVotes