Livingston County Judge Tom Chapman is reviewing documents submitted Friday morning in three civil suits filed against the Grand River Health System (Hedrick Medical Center), St. Luke’s Health System, Inc., and the Community Health Group of Kansas City.  Judge Chapman heard arguments from legal firms for both the plaintiffs and defendants during a motion hearing Friday.  The affidavits of Aleta Boyd, John Shershow, MD, Coroner Scott Lindley, and Cal W. Greenlaw were filed on Thursday.

The three civil motions are connected to a string of wrongful death suits filed between 2008 and 2012.  The cases stem from eight deaths in 2002 at Hedrick Medical Center, which was known, then, as the Grand River Health System.

Fern Franco was the first to file charges against the three healthcare providers in Jul. 2008.  David Gann, Sarah Romeiser, and Sherri Harper each filed suit in Oct. 2010.  Helen Pittman and Jennirae Littrell both filed in Jul. 2010.  Sally Boland filed charges in Jan. 2011.  Mary Rounkles was the latest to issue a complaint.  She filed on Feb. 14, 2012.

Attorney’s for the plaintiffs in the cases allege that the defendants concealed the manner of death of the patients and were not forthright in passing on such information to authorities.  The lawyers for the defendants argue that the statute of limitations is running out for the complainants.

The judge did not take any action at Friday’s hearing and the cause was taken under advisement, meaning he plans to deliberate the case before making a ruling.

One decade after the reported deaths, no criminal charges have been filed.