KANSAS CITY, MO — If you think $4,000 for a Superbowl seat is a little high, you might want to invest in a  seat from Arrowhead Stadium, you can actually take home with you.

The Kansas City Chiefs will be replacing around 7,000 lower bowl seats, and you can purchase a seat you can actually take home with you. The seats will cost about a tenth of the cost of a Superbowl ticket.

The red and orange seats will be sold. Single seats cost $365 and $469 for double seats. The seats come with the the Kansas City Chief emblem and mounting hardware. You can pick your row and seat number. An additional $100 is charged for delivery. Portions of the seat sales will go to Jackson County Parks and Recreations.

The Kansas City Chiefs completed  $12 million in renovations last year, which included seats in the upper bowl and upgrades to the west scoreboard. The seats that sold last year reportedly helped raise around $150,000 for area parks.