In Platte County Court on April 16th a Kansas City man, 23 year old Zachary S. Caples, pleaded guilty to charges of using a loaded weapon while intoxicated.

The charges generated from an incident on January 5th 2014. In the early morning, Caples’ girlfriend made an emergency call in which she told dispachers that he had been drinking and was abusing her.  Deputies responded to the call, and after entering the house, suspected they heard the sound of a firearm being loaded.  After retreating and calling for backup, Caples appeared and surrendered himself.  Police later found a loaded AR-15 assault rifle, five loaded magazines of ammunition, a flak-jacket, and a pistol underneath a mattress inside the house.

Speaking with investigators, Caples was quoted as saying, “ I’ll kill everyone in the whole [expletive] neighborhood, and I have all the [expletive] food and ammo to do it.”

Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd commented on the situation,”I support the right to own a gun, and I own guns myself.  But that right comes with the responsibility to handle a deadly weapon with care,…which means not possessing a firearm while drunk.”

Caples may face a maximum of four years in prison.  A sentencing  hearing is scheduled for July 9th.