The annual Katy Trail Ride is underway on one of Missouri’s best known state parks. Click here to hear KMZU’s Brian Lock talk with Coordinator Dawn Fredrickson:

Dawn Fredrickson

“The Katy Trail Ride is an annual ride held every June, usually during the week of Father’s Day,” Fredrickson said. “We have 300-350 riders over the entire length of the trail over a five-day period. We alternate going east-to-west and west-to-east every year and this year we started in the west.”

The Katy Trail spans more than 240 miles through the state of Missouri. The ride began on Monday in Clinton and will conclude Friday in St. Charles.

“If folks are interested in registering for the 2014 Katy Trail Ride, they need to go to our website,” Fredrickson added. “We usually have information on our website at the beginning of the year that lists the overnight stops and the dates of the ride.”

The 2013 ride registration began on March 1st and all of the available slots were filled by March 4th. Fredrickson says it’s important for those who want to participate in 2014’s ride to do so as early as possible. Visit for more details.