Last week’s winter storm left more than 100,000 customers of Kansas City Power and Light without electricity.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Spokesperson Courtney Hughley:

Courtney Hughley

The biggest issue they had was the heavy, wet snow that caused lines to fall.  Power restoration was also delayed because the large amounts of snow kept crews from quickly getting to affected areas.

Hughley said most of the repairs they made will not require further work.

All those left without power as a result of last week’s storm have had it repaired at this time.  KCP and L does not yet have specific numbers of people affected by the storm, or an estimate of cost incurred by the company.

The entire town of Carrollton was out of power for about half an hour during last week’s storm.  About 40 people were left without electricity for longer periods of time.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with Carrollton Municipal Utility Superintendent Jim Paul:

Jim Paul

An employee of the Water Department had to go out on a backhoe and blade side streets in town so the truck could get out. Two utility poles suffered damage and are currently awaiting repairs.

They do not currently have an estimate of the cost to the City.