A report from the Department of Natural Resources was a hot topic at the Keytesville City Council meeting Wednesday.  Mayor Anthony Lee says a report from the Department of Natural Resources shows test results in the lagoon were off this past winter.


Though the information just came in, Lee says improvements are already underway.


Those enhancements are expected to bring the system up to code.

The Council also agreed to donate 35-thousand gallons of water to the Swim Club for the first filling of the pool.  A suggestion was made to partner with the school for an incentive program to students who excel in academics.

Several complaints of dog running loose was a topic as well.  Residents who file reports on stray pets are encouraged to take a picture or get the animals “tag” number.  The information will help to identify animal so the owner can be notified.

If residents have a complaint of any kind, the Council is willing to hear it.  Written complaints should be made to City Hall.  Those can be done by mail or filling out a report at the office. “The issues do not fall on deaf ears” Lee promised.

The Cemetery Board asked the Council to take care of another pet issue regarding the cemetery.  According to residents at the meeting, some community members excercise their dogs on the property and allow the animals to urinate on grave sites. “This is unacceptable behavior,” Lee said, “This city believes that is the utmost disrespect and we want people to know that will not be tolerated.”

Click to listen to Keytesville Mayor Anthony Lee talk with KMZU’s Mandy Young:

Anthony Lee