thank farmer
Last week was National Agriculture week, and KMZU paid a visit to several area elementary classrooms. Below are the interviews with some of the area students.

Bella and Genevieve – Richmond

Chilhowee School Students

Gage – Richmond

Gabe – Richmond

Luke – Richmond

Brianna – Hale

Drake – Hale

Dylan – Hale

Josh – Hale

Spencer – Hale

Steven – Hale

Ireland – Richmond

Riley and Gage – Richmond

Anthony – Tina Avalon

Tyler – Tina Avalon

Jasper – Tina Avalon

Gavin – Tina Avalon

Lydia – Tina Avalon

Otis – Tina Avalon

Tanner – Tina Avalon

Zoey – Tina Avalon