Janet Cado is an active member of her community within the local government sector, church and youth volunteer programs. Click below to listen to her interview with KMZU’s Shaylee Miller.

LEXINGTON, Mo. – It began years ago when several students in the city of Lexington decided to beautify the downtown area. Through “Lexington Pride,” the group raised money to purchase pots for downtown Lexington.

Janet Cado’s passion lies in helping the students achieve their vision. Cado works to manage the students and assist in fundraising for the flowers and plants. “The city will pay for the water, and they pay for some of the labor of water,” Cado said. “But the rest of us are all volunteers; to plant it, to fertilize it, to maintain it.”

While Cado takes great pride in her community, she said the students work hard to keep up with the planting and maintaining the beautification projects. “Every year in the spring, they would plant those,” Cado explained. “Then they maintain those through the year. So usually they plant in May and then pull them out the last of October.’

Creating a city that is “beautiful” for the residents is only a small part of Cado’s commitment to her community. In a letter, the City of Lexington’s Mayor Brown stated Cado served a stent on the City of Lexington Betterment Association as treasurer. “Whatever they wanna do to help Lexington, like they have trash pick up once a month, I try to help with that,” Cado explained. “I try to go to some of the organizations to try to support that.”

In addition to her leadership role with the Betterment Association, Cado served as president of the Lexington R-V School Board. She said it was important for her to be visible to the students and parents to promote a good relationship between the board and families. “I attended almost all of the school events that I could attend to represent the board,” Cado said. “At the state, I went to a lot of the meetings for the school board to represent Lexington … I just support the community and the kids.’ Cado was part of a movement to pass a bond proposal in the City of Lexington, which provided the board with necessary funds to complete renovations to the school.

Beside her vital roles in Lexington, Cado finds comfort in her faith. Cado remains actively involved with her faith, teaching Sunday school for many years and continuing to participate in church events. “We served the meal for the Lexington Bible School,” Cado said. “We just do different things for the community. In the fall, we do clean up day. We’ll clean up at the post office, the parking lots, pick up trash … whatever we can do … and then I help maintain a lot of the plants at the church.”

When asked if she had the ‘green thumb’ Cado laughed and said, “I enjoy plants.”

“Take pride in your community,” Cado said. “Be involved. Respect what we’ve been give. Take care of what’s here.”