Photo credit: Amy Lyon Hughes

CARROLLTON, Mo.- Our Week 7 KRLI Sports Country 5th Quarter “Show-Me Standout” public poll was one to remember as two Carrollton Trojans came out on top with the votes being in the thousands.

Carrollton’s Hayden Ritchhart, a junior, earned the nomination from Coach Proffitt after putting up 11 points and eight rebounds against Lawson in the District Tournament. Ritchhart totaled 15,148 votes out of the 24,157 votes that poured into the boys poll.

(Carrollton High School)

Another Carrollton Trojan was supported well this time in the girls public poll. Sophomore Mackenzie Brown was nominated by Coach Onaca on the 5th Quarter show due to scoring 15 points against St. Paul and 12 points versus Richmond. Brown had 2,449 votes at the deadline last week out of the 5,535 total votes in the girls poll.


# of votes
Hayden Ritchhart, Carrollton 15,148
Keshawn White, Slater 8,139
Peyton Hein, Southwest-Livingston 343
John Schnell, Higbee 204
Colton Harris, Hale/Bosworth 168
Jaxon Althaus, Oak Grove 167
Elijah Muehler, St. Paul 22
Mason Bailey, New Franklin 6


# of votes
Mackenzie Brown, Carrollton 2,449
Lyssa Agcalon, Marshall 1,285
Grace Westfall, Higbee 1,034
Alyssa Morris, Odessa 208
Kennadie Crowe, Norborne 172
Jillian Rumpf, Mid-Buchanan 109
Jasmine Taylor, Braymer 90
Sadie Limback, Santa Fe 90
Emily Heldenbrand, Oak Grove 47