Lawrence Kansas, KS. — Anthony Fehr is a professor at the University of Kansas and has been studying coronaviruses since 2012. The University of Kansas lab where Fehr works is trying to uncover some facts about this new coronavirus.

Fehr said this coronavirus is different from others he has seen. This one is highly contagious and attacks the respiratory system and other organs quickly.

He said he would of liked to see the World Health Organization and the U.S. move a little faster in labeling this a pandemic.

President Trump said over the weekend Covid-19 is now in 182 countries. The good news is there is some progress being made on finding a possible vaccine.

The bad news is that once a vaccine is found to be successful, it will still take several months to manufacture and disperse. Social distancing right now is the only way to flatten out the curve of people getting infected with the new coronavirus and keep people out of the overtaxed hospitals.