The Lafayette County C-One School Board discussed test scores, tax rates, and fresh faces at their meeting Thursday night. Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Superintendent David Figg:

David Figg

Even though last year the district scored 14 out of 14 on the state report, Figg says the preliminary report of only 12 out of 14 on MAP achievement was satisfactory. According to Figg, there was a possible clerical error made which has been challenged and that point would bring the district back to a score of 13. Figg also said there was also a friendly competition between the district’s and Carrollton R-VII’s middle schools. Apparently, pending testing results, the losing side’s principal is to show up at the winner’s school, put on the colors of the winning school and hand out Smarties candy to the students. Figg reports one win for Lafayette County and one win for Carrollton, so each principal will have to fulfill their obligation in the near future.

In other Board news, the tax rate for the upcoming school year was accepted and new faculty was introduced during the meeting.