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Precincts Reporting1515
Lafayette County Associate Circuit Judge (Division 2) - RepublicanVotes
Russell J. Kruse3845
Lafayette County Associate Circuit Judge (Division 3) - RepublicanVotes
Kelly A. Rose3869
Lafayette County Judge Circuit 15 - DemocratVotes
Dennis A. Rolf2441
Lafayette County Prosecuting Attorney - DemocratVotes
Kristen Ellis Hilbrenner2411
Lafayette County Presiding Commissioner of the County Commission - RepublicanVotes
Harold Hoflander3959
Lafayette County Clerk of the Circuit Court - RepublicanVotes
Kim Mason3832
Lafayette County Clerk - RepublicanVotes
Linda Niendick3956
Lafayette County Collector of Revenue - DemocratVotes
Lori Fiegenbaum2584
Lafayette County Recorder of Deeds - RepublicanVotes
Joann L. Swartz3871
Lafayette County Auditor - RepublicanVotes
Cherie Mason3885
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