The American Petroleum Institute is using new television, print and radio ads to spread a message that the Renewable Fuel Standard is something only a mechanic would love. The ads feature a car mechanic talking about the potential risks of engine damage from filling up with higher ethanol blends. Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says this is just more of the same from Big Oil. He says they’ll stop at nothing to maintain their near monopoly on the liquid fuels market. Getting directly to the heart of the API’s message – Buis says E15 is the most tested fuel change in the nation’s history. He says the Department of Energy tested more than 86 vehicles on a lifecycle test – resulting in over six-million miles with absolutely no negative outcomes. According to Buis – API is hanging its hat on a single study from the Coordinating Research Council. The Department of Energy noted in its blog that the choice of test engines, test cycle, limited fuel selection and failure criteria of the CRC program resulted in unreliable and incomplete data – which severely limits the utility of the study.

Buis also comments on the timing of the campaign – noting it comes on the heels of the largest one day gas price spike in five months and predictions that another jump is soon to follow. Buis says this new campaign will just be more of API’s same misinformation and rhetoric devoid of any facts or reality. He says the RFS is the most successful energy policy enacted in the last four decades. Buis says it is reducing our dependence on foreign oil, creating jobs at home and improving our environment.