An initiative amending the state constitution’s voting requirements could be removed from the 2012 ballot before Missouri voters get the chance to decide on the measure. The measure, spear-headed by Senator Bill Stouffer of Napton, is said to contain deceptive language. According to Senator Stouffer, it’s a last-ditch effort by the group to stop it.

Bill Stouffer

“It’s a no-brainer,” Stouffer said Thursday.

Bill Stouffer

Stouffer said the measure in question, Senate Joint Resolution 2, is just permissive language and a voter could be required to show identification at the poll.

Bill Stouffer

Information from the Office of Bill Stouffer

Jefferson City — State Sen. Bill Stouffer, R-Napton, today issued the following statement in regard to a lawsuit* filed July 6, 2011, contesting the ballot title of Senate Joint Resolution 2, that places a voter ID and early voting proposal on the November 2012 ballot. Last month, the governor vetoed Senate Bill 3 that outlined the implementation of a voter photo ID requirement and early voting, if voters approve the ballot question.

“The ballot title approved by a majority of lawmakers is clear, concise and says that voters are deciding whether or not Missouri’s Legislature should have the ability to set the guidelines for early voting and require photo identification in order to vote. The question well represents the constitutional amendment voters will consider. Unfortunately, some special interests will do whatever they can to allow fraudulent voting in our state. We believe Missouri voters will join us in making sure every honest vote counts by requiring photo ID at the polls.”

*The case number for the lawsuit noted above is: 11AC-CC00439