The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office recently purchased a new gadget for the department. Click to hear KMZU’s Jillian Molloy talk with Sheriff Steve Cox.

Steve Cox

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office:

The LCSO recently obtained a new piece of equipment for the jail. We have purchased a “Stun-Cuff” which can be worn as an ankle or wrist bracelet and is remotely controlled by an LCSO employee. The Stun-Cuff discharges 80,000 volts of electricity for a few seconds and if needed can run continuously for up to 10 minutes. The Stun-Cuff is similar to other electronic stun devices, it is safe to use, and will only temporarily immobilize a detainee who is a safety and security risk. The device is intended to use on detainees who are being violent, self mutilating, combative, escape or assault risk, and at Court when offenders are prohibited from wearing restraints at a jury trial. The device is being used on a high risk detainee at a jury trial today. This tool will minimize risks of assault and injury to both staff and detainees and decrease the risk of escape from custody. All detainees who wear this device will be advised of the working operation of the device and what actions will result in the deployment of the Stun-Cuff. All detainees will also be notified of the potential side effects of the Stun-Cuff, being the potential of falling down and possible self-defecation and self-urination. Our goal is to reduce any opportunity for injury or escape while maintaining safety and security for all.