A letter circulating in the Stet School District is creating confusion one day before the election. The note, which stated, “If you want to save the integrity of the district, vote No,” was sent within the last week to a select group of residents. Stet Superintendent John Wiggans said voting against the measure will not keep the district open. “The election is simply about the annexation. The reality is that the district will close regardless of the outcome of the election. If the election fails and we are not able to move forward with the annexation, then most likely the school board will convene and would move to lapse the school district; which means that the state department would come in and decide how to close the school.”

We will hear more from Wiggans in our Newsmaker segment Tuesday, Apr. 3 at 7:25 a.m.

Should the Stet School District be annexed to the Braymer, Hardin-Central, Norborne, Polo, and Richmond districts?