Bill Jackson, General Manager/Part Owner, AgriServices of Brunswick was given the John D. Drew Award.

The state Levee and Drainage District Association has honored a north Missouri businessman with the John Drew Award.  Chairman Tom Waters says Bill Jackson with AGRIServices of Brunswick is someone considered to be a great ag-vocate..

“If you look at the different organizations across the state that are involved in agriculture you see Bill’s name just floating throughout all of them just because he’s such and big supporter of agriculture and the river issues.”  Waters says the honor is “the highest award that we present to anybody. 

The accolade was named after the late John Drew.  He worked with the organization for several years as the state hydrologist.

The group also presented a plaque to Harry Bozoian with the state Department of Natural Resources.  Waters says it’s another well deserved recognition. 

“Harry’s been really good since the 2011 flood, even before the flood was over, during the flood and then following the flood he worked hand-in-hand with levee and drainage districts in northwest Missouri and others that were damaged helping them find funding and cost share money.”

The Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association issued a press release following the meeting:

Pictured L to R: Sara Parker-Pauley, Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources; Harry Bozoian, General Counsel, Missouri Department of Natural Resources; Tom Waters, Chairman, Missouri Levee & Drainage District Association.

The Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association held its Annual Meeting this month in Columbia, Missouri.  Following dinner, Association Chairman, Tom Waters, from Orrick, Missouri, presented Missouri Department of Natural Resources General Counsel, Harry Bozoian with a plaque recognizing him for his work with levee and drainage district during and following the 2011 flood event.  Mr. Bozoian was appointed by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to work with districts and the United States Army Corps of Engineers in their levee rehabilitation efforts.  Waters stated, “Harry’s work helping districts with the Corps of Engineers levee rehabilitation program was very valuable and helped many districts get their levees repaired in a much faster time frame.”  Bozoian said, “It has been an honor serving producers along the Missouri River.  They are good folks and were fun to work with, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Bill Jackson, Marshall, Missouri resident and General Manager/Part Owner, AGRIServices of Brunswick in Brunswick, Missouri, was honored with the Association’s John D. Drew Award.  The award, named after the well-respected Missouri State Hydrologist tragically killed in a car wreck in December 2011, is the highest honor the Association presents to recipients for their leadership and outstanding support of the Association.  Waters said, “It is difficult to express the gratitude the members of our Association and I have for everything Bill Jackson does for us. Bill is the absolute best example of a public servant I know.  His actions and support benefit so many people and organizations.  Bill is a great example for all of us to follow and sets the bar very high for anyone to try to emulate.”

The Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association represents levee and drainage districts, businesses, associations and individuals interested in the Missouri River and its tributaries.