Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Lexington City Administrator Mark Rounds.

Mark Rounds

Lexington is seeing some amazing changes headed their way and it’s been a long time coming, so this week’s visitors are raising the excitement level around this city. “That basically is a follow up,” said Rounds, “We hired the Zimmer Group out of Kansas City to do an economic development analysis for us. So this coming Thursday they are coming to town, we’re going to get a van together and get the council in it and take a tour of Lexington. We’re doing this so they can get really get a good feel for how each councilman sees Lexington, perhaps what they issues are, maybe the improvements needed, and where we want to go from there. From there the Zimmer Group will take that back with them and formulate some kind of perspective if you will.”

Another big area for Lexington right now, is their Missouri Main Street and other historic preservation initiatives including Saturday’s Historic Preservation Day Event at the UCC Church. “The Historic Preservation Group got a grant to do this,” Rounds said, “It’s an awesome opportunity because we in Lexington, much like other cities, have a lot of concerns about our historic buildings and what we are going to do about them, either as a city of individually and how do we go about getting the right resources. This gentleman has a lot to offer and I think this is a very critical and important step to getting people educated and really on board of how we proceed in a proactive manner rather than a reactive manner.”

Other items to be discussed include the littering ordinance which is in reference to the famous citizen’s letter calling for a stop on an Ads paper that is being tossed into un-wanting resident’s yards, as well as a Veterans Recognition lunch at the WMA Sanford Seller Hall.

Tonight’s meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. in council chambers at the Lexington City Hall.