Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Mark Rounds, City Administrator.

Mark Rounds

Tuesday nights city council meeting showed there are some exciting new plans for the City of Lexington. “We’ve been doing a real clean-up in the community,” said Rounds, “The Mayor, myself, some of the councilman, and the community, just trying to make Lexington more desirable for everybody.  So the councilman have been discussing having a letter that they can pass around to all their constituents, just kind of suggesting thing that would help us all have the community we desire.”

Of the many new plans and projects, one includes making sure their citizens have a safe place to continue walking and running.  “MoDot put out a call for projects,” Rounds said, “Basically they were notifying local agencies that there is funding available for transportation alternatives.  What that means is that if a city desires to construct more sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, landscaping, or ADA improvements to the existing sidewalks, then these funds can be available if you have projects.  We just happen to have a list of projects, particularly one along business 13 going south. That does not have a sidewalk and there is a lot of foot traffic, which concerns us for the safety issues.  So we’re really going to pursue that, matter of a fact, we are going to be putting that grant request together this week.”

Lexington is one of many city’s that is trying to expand and grow, but they’re not just trying, they’re putting in the time and money to make it happen.  “Last Thursday and Friday, I spent some time down at Tan-Tar-A Resort in the Ozarks,” said Round, “It was the Governors Economic Development Conference.  A lot of city’s were there, primarily economic development professionals, a few City Administrators, but it basically was focusing on rural economic development.  Recently we entered into a contract with the Zimmer Group out of Kansas City, to help us put together an analysis.  So this information from the conference was very relevant and actually work hand-in-hand with what we are going to try to be doing here. Like everybody else, we’re trying to get more economic growth in our city and in our region, to get folks to realize what we have to offer out here so we can get money back into our community.”