The four-day school week has been an increasingly attractive option for many districts in the KMZU listening area. Lexington has joined the list of schools that have approved the model.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Superintendent Brad MacLaughlin:

Brad MacLaughlin

MacLaughlin said the board has taken a “combined” approach to make up for the loss of funding next year. “They approved, what we’re calling, tier one of reductions in the amount of about $200,000 of expenditures.  It involves a number of positions and salaries that will either be reduced or eliminated.  The key to tier one is that it doesn’t impact class size or student achievement.  The second step that they took was to adopt the four-day schedule.  Those two things together are essentially tier one.”

The board also decided to propose a 63-cent tax levy increase in order to make up an additional $300,000.  “That 63-cents will complete our goal of compensating for the loss of funding that we will receive next year.  There simply were not enough reductions that could be made without seriously impacting student achievement.  It is also not realistic for us to go to the voters with an insanely high tax levy,” MacLaughlin said.

According to MacLaughlin, the levy is proportional.  “The [proposed levy] is what we would consider a moderate amount.  About 40 percent of the money that we were are looking for to make up the funding gap will come from the levy increase.  The other 60 percent will come from the combination of our reductions and the four-day week,” MacLaughlin said.

The 63-cent tax levy will go before the voters in April.