The Lexington Board of Education recently met in regular session.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk to Superintendent Brad MacLaughlin:

Brad MacLaughlin

The tax rate was a primary focus of the evening’s discussion.  “They approved a tax rate of just over $4.31, “said MacLaughlin,” Obviously, with the levy that was passed in April, it’s higher than it was last year.  So, our overall tax rate is going to be 5.247 per $100 of assessed valuation.”

The board was also made aware of a technology gift given to the district.  “Our technology director, four or five years ago, received an email from the Social Security Department in Kansas City with some surplus materials,” said MacLauglin,” We took advantage of that and got a few desks, partitions, and things of that nature.  They have just kept calling us anytime they’ve got some surplus materials.  Most recently, apparently the federal government has replaced all of their desktop computers.  We actually received 500 computers from their surplus.”  MacLaughlin said the equipment will be placed in the student labs of each building, as well as replace outdated technology for a few teachers.

Before the conclusion of the meeting, the board was introduced to 15 new teachers within the district.  “From an administrative perspective, human resources is very important,” said MacLaughlin,” Getting the right people in front of the classrooms is job one.  We have new employees.  We do not have any new positions.  The openings that we knew we were going to have, we started looking very early for those replacements.  There’s some young talent in that group and there is some very experienced folks, too.  I’m very happy with the crew that’s come in to replace the teachers that left. “