Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Lexington City Administrator Mark Rounds:

Mark Rounds

The City of Lexington held their regularly scheduled city council meeting Tuesday evening.  One topic discussed was some exciting news for Lexington’s economic development.  “They’re an international group that has a tremendous mission of going to different country’s and working with the youth, etcetera,” said Rounds, “we have the luxury if not the exciting opportunity to host them for their annual board meeting.  It will January 31st and Wentworth Military Academy has been so kind to partner with us and let us utilize their Honor Hall as the meeting place.  We’ll also have a reception for them, so we’re just thrilled.”

The meeting held many areas of good news, among them was discussion of the possibility for a new hotel.  “We’re just thrilled to death that the Cobblestone folks have come to us and asked us to look at a Motel Feasibility Study,” Rounds expressed, “This falls right in line with the whole climate of positive economic development for the City of Lexington.”

One of the best ways to tell if your City is heading in the right direction is to take a look at the taxes.  “Any time you see sales tax revenue increase in 7 years, that tells you there’s a trend and a pattern,” explained Rounds, “It’s exciting because the sales tax is up the highest it’s been in 7 years, but also with that, our transportation tax revenue is the highest it has ever been.”

The Historic city is thrilled with all the exciting improvements and tourism and invite everyone to check it out for themselves.  “It’s really good to share these coming things with the people,” Rounds said, “We want to let everybody and anybody know, come to Lexington.  Shop here, enjoy the quality of life we are trying to provide, because there are great thing happening.  As the Mayor always says, Legendary Lexington, come see us.”