The city of Lexington gathered at the Lexington Middle School for their Tuesday evening city council meeting. Many ordinances and issues were discussed before council adjourned and newly elected officials were swore in allowing them to reconvene and finish out the evening.

Lexington Council 04-14-15 012 Lexington Council 04-14-15 015Many items were discussed during the gathering but among one of the top subjects was yet again the policies and regulations for the Chief of Police position. One council member addressed an issue many citizens are discussing amongst themselves. “For the Police Chiefs position,” Councilman Karl Girtch addressed other council members during his last meeting, “I’m not sure who the leading candidate is but if we have a leading candidate and it’s the best person for the job, whoever that may be, happens to live outside the city limits, I would request that if that be the case, that the council look at that residency ordinance again. I just felt like that should be revisited by future council, if need be.”

Another big topic point in the city is what are the city and hospital discussing and when will the lease procedure come to a conclusion. “Laurie Sellers and I had an opportunity to speak with Darrel Boggs a couple of weeks ago,” City Attorney Paula McCoy spoke about the ongoing Hospital issue, “We’ve presented some items, working off the MOU that the council approved, Darrel has sent that up the chain and they are reviewing it. So, they hope to get us a proposed lease with our terms back here by the end of the week, if not, the first of next week. The terms that we purposed, instead of getting into a discussion here, I’d like to present that to you all so you can have a copy of it in closed session.”

An amendment regarding 10 subsections to chapter 5 of the animal control ordinance was passed 6-0.

Amendments to the 2015 budget were approved 6-0.

An ordinance giving the city Mayor and city Clerk the control of all operations regarding a new street sweeper was passed 6-0.

The election resolution for the April 7th elections was passed 6-0, thus finalizing election results.