A light agenda is planned for the Lexington City Council Tuesday evening. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Mayor Jerry Brown:

Jerry Brown

Two ordinances will be considered. One concerns the definition of “occupied structures” in Lexington. The other is about financial disclosure statements for the mayor, council, and city administrator.

Council will also hear from their auditor. “They’re going to recommend that the City establish an investment policy,” said Brown, “In other words, monies put someplace so everybody knows you are investing this money in this account so it can be used for a rainy day event if you have one.”

The Municipal Committee will take up bids to hook up generators at the water and wastewater plants. They will also review some necessary concrete work at the fire station.

“And that will just be about it, so it will be kind of a light meeting,” said Brown.

They gather at 7:00 in the Lexington City Hall.