The Samuel U Rodgers Health center has clinics throughout the area including Lexington. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Chief Health Officer Sudeep Ross.

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Recently the National Committee of Quality Assurance recognized the organization as a Patient Centered Medical Home. Chief Health Officer Sudeep Ross explains the criteria for the recognition.

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Basically what they’re looking for when they call you a ‘Patient Centered Medical Home’, they want to make sure that when patients come to anyone of your clinics, that you have things in place to make it easy for patients to get the highest quality of care,” Ross said.

For example if you come to see us and we send you to a referral to see a cardiologist for example, do we have systems in place where we track that referral, make sure you go to see the cardiologist, that we get the report back from the cardiologist and then we follow up?

Ross explains more about the criteria required by the National Committee of Quality Assurance.

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The NCQA comes in (with) a rather lengthy process, but they look at all sorts of different things. When you have scheduling, do you make sure that you have same day appointments that’s most useful to some of your patients? Do you have different categories of appointments? If you’re a new patient, how quickly can you get an appointment with the clinic? Those are all just different factors that they look at. Actually there’s about a hundred and something factors that they look at.

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Centers have received the distinction of being a Patient Centered Medical Home, including the Lexington location.

Dr. Ross adds that they take pride in caring for any individual that comes to their clinics regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay. Only a patient’s health matters.