More than a dozen representatives from Lexington, Marceline, Hannibal, and Weston discussed tourism at a meeting on Friday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk with Lexington Mayor Jerry Brown:

Jerry Brown

Brown said each city is looking at ways to adapt to an ever-changing industry.  “Research is telling us that folks from Germany, the Soviet Union, Mexico, and other places throughout the world are very interested in the Old West and agricultural operations in each of our cities.  They are no longer interested in going to places like Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Washington, Chicago, and New York.  They’ve been there, done that, and now they want to see the heart of America.”

According to Brown, about 17 people make up the Joint Northern Missouri Tourism Summit.  “Each one of us has a special feature that has been discussed by tourists.  In the case of Weston, they want to see what a small town looks like.  We have Civil War artifacts in Lexington.  Marceline has Walt Disney and people would also like to know more about Mark Twain [in Hannibal],” Brown said.

Representatives will meet again on Jan. 13 in Weston to prepare tourism packets for each city.