LEXINGTON, MO – The city of Lexington issued a public statement Wednesday regarding the dismissal of former city administrator, Joe Aull.

The termination was reportedly prompted by an ethics violation concerning a state revised statute prohibiting the use of public funds toward the purpose of advocating or opposing ballot measures or candidates.  Missouri Revised Statutes sec. 115.646: “No contribution or expenditure of public funds shall be made directly by any officer, employee or agent of any political subdivision to advocate, support, or oppose any ballot measure or candidate for public office.”

The election in question related to the Feburary 2018 water bond for the construction of a new water treatment facility, and the converting the city’s water system from one using surface or river water, to a system using ground well water.

After consultation with attorneys, the council voted unanimously to report the violation to the Missouri Ethics Commission for potential investigation.  The council also authorized Mayor Fred Wiedner to terminate Aull if he declined to resign, and to pay severance as necessary.