LEXINGTON, Mo— City leaders discussed many topics during their Tuesday evening City Council meeting. Click play below to listen to the full meeting:lexington city hall 2

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Lexington government leaders gathered Tuesday evening for a regularly scheduled council meeting.

Many updates were heard, including a presentation from Abigail Tempel, informing those in attendance of the many improvements recently made to The Lex.

The reconstruction is being completed just in time for the reinvigoration of the cities time honored Arts Program. Mayor, Jerry Brown, said this is a very exciting time for Lexington citing the University of Missouri’s decision to re-join The Lex updatethe effort.

“The University is back in, they’ve hired a young man,” Mayor Brown explained some of the newer adjustments to the program, “He has some tremendous contacts throughout our region and the University wants to make this a regional concept so with that, it’s a very exciting time for our Arts Program and I think the University is more than excited about being involved again.”

Another creative outlet brought forward during the night’s meeting was in regards to the new elevated water tower. For weeks now, the city has been excepting ideas for a logo that will be printed on the new tower and now the timeline for registering a concept is closed. The winner is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

While creative and conceptual arts were found in many of the discussions, other areas of on-going debate were visited as well. One of those continuous subjects is the daunting negotiations between city attorney, Valoree Maycock and Lory Sellers and the hospital.

With the long running state of the matter, citizens were relieved to hear that those involved in negotiations are now in the end steps and a final deal may be in the near future.

One of the final considerations of the night was in relation to Lexington’s current waste disposal contract coming to the end of term in three months. Although the current service provider saw little to no complaints, Mayor Pro-Tem, Justin Petray felt inclined by good business standards to look at the cities options.

“Just renewing a contract without looking at other options, I think is foolish for us to do,” Petray explained his reasoning, “I was part of this council when we did renew a contract with Heartland and it was for five years and so we had to put up with that for five years. I think doing this, it’s not going to send a signal, if it does we’re on tape. We need to look at other options if we have the opportunity.”

The council agreed 7-1 and decided to send out for bids from waste companies.

To learn more, the full meeting has been posted above.

Lexington leaders will next meet October 6, 2015, at 7 p.m. in council chambers at City Hall.