Approval of the 2013-2014 budget is expected at Wednesday’s Board of Education meeting in Lexington.

The naming of school officers is also on the agenda.  The new superintendent, Dr. Robert Newhart, is recommended at Representative for State and Federal Reports.  Edie Rector is recommended for Board Secretary, and Kelley Norberg for Treasurer.

The Board is also scheduled to review a Transportation Contract with RSB Leasing, LLC and to consider fuel bids from MFA and Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers, Inc.

The resignation of Shane Dicmeyer, Staci Foree, Pattie Rudd, and Alex Smith will also be discussed.

The Board will meet at 7:00 at the Lexington Middle School.  This is the final meeting for Superintendent Brad McLaughlin, and a reception will be held one hour prior to the meeting.