A Lexington resident will learn her fate Monday.  Shawna Jobe, 38, pleaded guilty in early February to two counts of felony arson, theft, and filing a false police report.  She was arrested following a lengthy investigation by the Missouri State Fire Marshal, Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department and Lexington Police Department into a series of suspicious house and vehicle fires.  A day after the Lexington Police Department turned up the heat in the investigation, Jobe reported she had been assaulted by three suspects.  Officers noticed that some of her hair was burned.  She had two black eyes and scratches on her face, according to police reports.  The report filed by Jobe was later determined to be false.

She faces five to 15 years on the one count of arson, up to seven years on the second arson charge, seven years on the one count of theft, and up to six months for filing a false police report.  Jobe will receive her sentence in a Lafayette County courtroom at 3:00 p.m.

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