Area schools are now able to participate in a fundraising program through Red Cross Pharmacy. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Marketing Merchandise Manager Doug Stone:

Doug Stone

Press Release from Red Cross Pharmacy

Marshall, MO – August 6, 2013- Red Cross Pharmacy has introduced a new program designed to give back to the local communities. The program, Lids4Kids, promotes buying locally and supporting our local schools.

Starting in August, over 36 schools will be able to enroll in Red Cross Pharmacy’s Lids4Kids program. Every school that signs up in the program will be eligible to participate in the collecting of lids. Monies will be paid to the schools three times a year; the schools can use the money on much needed supplies or however they choose.

Scott Hartwig, CEO (co-owner) says he is very excited about this new program and how it can provide for local schools and communities.

“The Lids4Kids program is our way of giving back to local communities, while helping make a difference in children’s lives. “

Each Red Cross Pharmacy prescription that is purchased will provide one Lids4Kids specially marked Lid. Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, PTO/PTA organizations or any adult can collect the specially marked Red Cross Pharmacy lids, the lids can be taken to their local school and put in the collection bin. Each lid redeemed will be worth 25¢, paid out to each school by Red Cross Pharmacy. All schools with a Red Cross Pharmacy retail location in or near their town can participate in the Lids4Kids program.

The Lids4Kids program is a part of Red Cross Pharmacy’s KidCare. KidCare is a free program that gives children from K-5th grades a free monthly supply of children’s multivitamins. Red Cross Pharmacy is committed to ensuring that the children in our community get the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Adding Lids4Kids to the KidCare program will allow schools to have the resources they need to give children a fully beneficial education.

About Red Cross Pharmacy:

Red Cross Pharmacy, Inc. is family-owned and has been serving patients and customers in Missouri since 1854. The corporation employees over 200 people and consist of 12 retail pharmacies, three long-term care pharmacies, and a medical equipment company. Red Cross Pharmacy strives to be the best employee-minded, patient-focused, service-driven pharmacy organization that provides a variety of goods and services to enhance care in the categories of pharmacy, health and wellness, and home medical equipment.

Red Cross Pharmacy, Inc. has no connection or affiliation with the American Red Cross.