Nobody came to speak about the tax rate change at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting in Sweet Springs. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent Donna Wright:

Donna Wright

The District’s rate will actually decrease a little bit. “Sweet Springs is one of those districts that voluntarily rolls back their tax rate. And so the Board voted to set the tax rate in the incidental fund at $3.35, and the debt service levy would be at $0.64,” said Wright. The incidental tax rate last year was $3.49.

The Board also accepted a bid for lighting at the football field. The project went to Brandy Electric out of Blue Springs for a base amount of $184,000. The Board opted for an alternative that runs the electric under the football field instead of around it, saving the District $10,200. The work is expected to last 45 days, and Wright says they hope to be finished by homecoming.

End-of-year dates were set. Prom will be held April 25th, the senior trip will be May 9th through 15th, and Graduation will be Sunday, May 18th.