Linn County landowners are being invited, and urged, to take part in the Soil and Water Conservation District’s Cover Crop Pilot Practice. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Linn Co. S.W.C.D. Technician, Trevor Stillwell.

Trevor Stillwell1

Cover crops help soil replenish itself, stop erosion and more after growing season, according to District Technician, Trevor Stillwell.

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“We’re providing our operators an incentive to encourage the adoption of cover crops for reducing soil erosion and improving water quality,” Stillwell said. He adds, “..It’s basically all-season, after they harvest the crop, it basically gives a little more cover and improves…the soil.”

Stillwell also talks about what crops are used, the origin of the program and how to sign up.

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“Cereal rye, radishes, turnips, there’s just a bunch of different varieties of species of mixes you can use out there. Depending on what the operator wants to use,” he said.

Stillwell goes on to say, “Chariton County actually started it last year, with the pilot practice and they’re just continuing it throughout the state, and we’re just seeing what kind of interest we get in it. We’re actually having a sign-up through the 22nd (Aug.), and just come in and visit with me, and we’ll get you signed up.”

For complete information contact Technician Stillwell at the district office, the phone number is posted below, or visit their web page.

Press Release from the Linn Co. Soil & Water Conservation District

Linn County SWCD Cover Crop Pilot Practice Sign-up

The Linn County Soil & Water Conservation District will be holding a Cover Crop Pilot Practice sign up August 11 through August 22, 2014 at our office located at 121 Pershing Road, Brookfield. This sign up is for fiscal year 2015 which runs from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. If you have any questions please feel free to come by or call the office at (660)258-5732 Ext. 3.