**All results are unofficial until certified by local/state election officials.**

Linn County
Race April 2021 Final
Linn County R-1 Board Member (Vote for Two) (Three Year Term)
Jack Green 91
Crystal C. Palmer 31
Rodney Seals 79
Bucklin R-2 School Board Member (Three Year Term) (Vote for Two)
Elisha Weimer 41
Jessica Watson 95
Julie Byers 67
Daniel Riegerix 33
Brookfield R-III School District Directors (Vote for two) (Three Year Term)
Amanda (Mandy) Tarpening 295
Amy Lewis 202
December (Noel) Staddie 291
City of Brookfield Council Member (Three Year Term)
William F. Paalhar 138
Richard Techau 166
Browning Alderman at Large (Two Year Term) (Vote for Two)
Chad Gooch 5
Jackie Lynn Flummer 5
Bucklin Alderman (Two Year Term) (Vote for Two)
Steve Herriman 64
Jimmy Riley 56
Bucklin Alderman (One Year Term)
City of Laclede Alderman-two year term (choose 2)
Barbara Richmond 30
Cheryl Wallace 17
City of Marceline Council member (Three Year Term) (Vote for Two)
Perry Wiggins 58
Sallie Buck 110
Tracy Carlson 84
Jeffrey Gulley 31
Baker Township Board Member (Two Year Term) (Vote for Two)
Wendell Liebhart 22
Ronald Phillips 21
Eugene Liebhart 9
Bucklin Board Member, Two Year Term
Larry Jones 61
Jared D. Main 72
Jeremy A. Molloy 77
Locust Creek Board Members Two Year Term, Vote for Two
Dennis Davis 31
Shawn Neal 51
Robert Barrows 33
Uncontested Races
Consolidated Public Water Supply District No. 3 Director (Three Year Term) Final
Tom Burtch 29
Public Water Supply District Director, Sub District No. 5 (Three Year Term)
John Kehr 29
Linn County Ambulance District 2 Board Member, (Three Year Term)
Linn County Ambulance District 5 Board Member (Three Year Term)
Fred Lewis
City of Browning Mayor
R. Den Spencer 5
City of Bucklin Mayor (Two Year Term)
Richard Casady 60
City of Linneus Mayor (Two Year Term)
Linneus Alderman at Large (Two Year term) (Vote for Two)
Madeline Oertwig 26
City of Meadville Alderman (Two Year Term) (Vote for Two)
Brandy Barclay 10
Deborah Bennett 8
City of Purdin Alderman-two year term (choose 2)
Debra Pergande 7
James Small 9
Baker Township Trustee (Two Year Term)
Dale Fitzgerald 25
Baker Township Clerk, Two Year Term
Terri Fitzgerald 25
North Benton Township Trustee, Two-Year Term
North Benton Board Member, Two Year Term
North Benton Clerk, Two Year Term
Bucklin township Trustee, Two Year Term
James R. Main 67
Bucklin Clerk Two Year Term
Kathy Main 75
Locust Creek Township Trustee, Two Year Term
Wesley Groves 53
Locust Creek Clerk, Two Year Term
D D Russell 54