Livingston County authorities recently took a Chillicothe woman into custody following a home invasion. According to the report, deputies were called to a private residence Thursday night after the woman entered the home and attempted to take two children that are not hers. Robin Lynn Swanson, 36, was arrested and charged with first degree burglary and attempted kidnapping. Swanson was adamant that the children were hers, even though she is not a legal resident of the home nor are the children related to her. Swanson is currently incarcerated in the Davies/DeKalb Regional Jail pending the filing of formal charges. This is the second instance that Swanson has allegedly attempted to enter that home; the last time was on May 8th in which she was charged with trespassing.

The residents have reported being fearful of Swanson and quickly notified 911. Deputies responded quickly; one deputy however was in an auto accident responding to the call but was uninjured.