Two new scams are affecting area residents. Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox says calls from various 800 numbers are claiming to be with AT&T saying they are giving customers credits on their phone bills of $100 to $500. The scam instructs people to go to a website to enter their account information. Several citizens have also been receiving phone calls from a person stating they are with a federal agency. This scam claims the citizen owes back taxes and needs a lawyer. Sheriff Cox advises everyone to be safe and use caution when dealing with these types of phone calls.

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office

Several citizens have been receiving a call a person claiming to be with the IRS or some other federal agency.  The caller claims the citizen has a warrant for their arrest or needs a lawyer, because she owed back taxes. 

Another scam going on in our area includes calls from various 800 numbers (800-266-2012, 800-250-2403, 800-304-3183, 800-304-7876) claiming to be from AT&T saying they are giving customers $100.00 (or $500.00) credit on their phone bills if customers will go to www.attgoesfree and enter their account info to win. That website is not a legitimate AT&T website and is a scam set up to get into your pocketbook and/or obtain personal account information.

 Be safe,

Steve Cox