LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mo. — Drivers on 65 Highway in Livingston County are forced to cope with a closed roadway Thursday after flooding at the Grand River at Chillicothe shut down traffic on Tuesday. According to Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox, county officials are unsure at this time when 65 will be able to reopen.


“We are at the mercy of higher powers and mother nature,” Sheriff Cox said. “Hopefully as soon as it opens we can get the information out, but nobody is sharing information with our office as far as an anticipated time it is open – or even day. So hopefully by sometime this weekend it’s open.”

According to the National Weather Service, the flood stage for the Grand River at Chillicothe is 24 feet. At 35 feet, 65 Highway is put at risk for flooding. As of Thursday at 9:00 a.m., the flood stage was 36.4 feet, and is forecast to fall to 34.8 feet by Thursday afternoon.

In addition to the closure of 65, MoDOT crews were forced to reduce traffic on 36 Highway. Sheriff Cox says drivers need to be cautious in the area.


Sheriff Steve Cox

“Slow down, it is two lane traffic,” Sheriff Cox expressed. “Stay slow in the work area. People keep knocking the cones over, dividing it, and MoDOT is still out there setting them up, keeping them up, making it flow smooth[ly].”

Sheriff Cox added that if the current forecast is correct, 65 could open Friday or Saturday.