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Steve Cox

Salaries in the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office have been an issue for some time now, even more so when you look at the surrounding law enforcement’s wages.  “We’ve had people that have moved on for other reason’s, but typically almost everyone that has left, the pay has been a factor,” said Cox, “Whether it was %100 or %25, it was still a factor.  It’s not just loosing an employee, it’s the loss of their experience, longevity, and their training skills as well.”

Although Livingston County is on the low end of the pay scale, they are working to make sure there are a sufficient amount of Deputies on their employment roster.  “We have offered a position to a guy who is going to come here and he’ll start October 27,” Cox said, “There are some other people that have applied and are interested in entering the law enforcement field but have their post license.  We also have to focus on hopefully having some body here two year’s at a time if we stay at the status quo on our pay and benefits.”

There are many things that have come from goals and determination.  “My goal and my desire, I think Livingston County provides a good service to our citizens and community,” said Cox, “It would be nice to see all County officials with a career there instead of being dependent on spousal income, other avenues of income, or state assistance to get by.  I feel sorry for the courthouse employees and Deputy Sheriff’s, I’d like to see us be able to take better care of them.  I’ve communicated frequently with our circuit judge about this issue and our county commission is aware of it.  I’m looking forward to working with the new Presiding Commissioner come January first to see what we can do.  Hopefully we can work on some issues that would make this a more attractive and better place for our Deputies and county courthouse employees.”


Press Release:

2014 Salary Study for Area Law Enforcement
Organization Position      Salary/Range
Chillicothe PD Chief $60,964
Asst. Chief $46,317
Lieutenant $41,664
Sergeant $39,332-$40,102
Officer/Detective $26,145-$29972
Office and Comm. Manager $33,323
Dispatcher $24,336-$26,667
Note Officer is at low end only 6 months
Livingston County Sheriff $51,710
Sheriff’s Office
Chief Deputy $33,210
Captain/Office Mgr. $32,734
Detective $28,868
Road Deputy $26,318
Note: Chief Deputy, Captain, and Detective receive
additional $100 per month while Road Deputies receive
additional $150.87 per month from Deputy Sheriff
Salary Supplemental Annual Grant.
Missouri State Captain $92,196
Highway Patrol
Lieutenant $84,396
Sergeant $55,092-$74,844
Corporal $50,400-$70,032
Trooper 1st Class $44,736-$65,856
Trooper in Academy $37,644
Cameron PD Chief $61,471-$81,141
Captain $55,466-$73,216
Lieutenant $49,462-$65,290
Sergeant $43,457-$57,363
Corporal/Detective $33,781-$44,591
Police Officer $32,204-$42,509
MO. Department Warden $56,520
of Corrections
Deputy Warden $47,088
Major $41,520
Captain $35,844
Lieutenant $32,304
Sergeant $29,832
CO1 (range) $27,984-$38,700
Note: DOC all positions except CO1 show only entry level of pay.
Division of Alcohol Agent $39,984
& Tobacco
Note: Only entry level pay was reported.
Juvenile Officer Juvenile Officer II $35,855
43rd Judicial Circuit
Note: Only entry level pay was reported.
Sources: City of Chillicothe, County of Livingston, MSHP,
City of Cameron, MO. Dept. of Corrections, MO Division of
Alcohol and Tobacco, and 43rd Judicial Circuit for Juveniles.
Prepared by: Sheriff Steve Cox on October 05, 2014