Letters are being mailed out for the latest Jury Qualification Pool in Livingston County.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Circuit Court Brenda Wright:

Brenda Wright

Wright said they do qualification pools three times a year.  Names are pulled from the voter registration list and the DMV.  After a person is pulled, they will be exempt for the two years following.

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office

This morning the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office mailed a letter to 448 citizens of Livingston County to notify them of being on the Official Court Juror Pool for a 4 month term beginning October 08, 2012.

Livingston County Circuit Clerk Brenda Wright is required by law to provide the names and address to the sheriff three times each year and the sheriff is then required to notify those selected for the juror pool.

The Circuit Clerks Office utilizes a computer program with randomly picks names of Livingston County residents that are either currently Registered Voters or have a Missouri Driver’s License. The computer system selects names from addresses in all areas of the county to best provide a neutral and equal pool of prospective jurors for the Court.

The official greetings will begin arriving in mail boxes on Saturday, September 15. The sheriff is only empowered to notify and summons the jurors while the circuit clerk is permitted to notify the Court of any individual juror issues. If you have any questions which are unable to be answered on your questionnaire then please notify Circuit Clerk Brenda Wright at 660-646-8000 extension 305.