Students from six Northwest Missouri high schools participated in a Team Spirit workshop this week  in an effort to reduce deadly traffic crashes.  Click to hear KMZUs Chelsea Wade talk with Spokesperson Melissa Black:

Melissa Black

Press Release from Missouri Department of Transportation

Team Spirit Teaches Students to Arrive Alive

In an effort to prevent deadly traffic crashes, students from six Northwest Missouri high schools participated in a day-long event called the Northwest Regional TEAM SPIRIT Workshop, Wednesday, April 25, in Chillicothe. The Northwest Region’s Coalition for Roadway Safety hosted the workshop to help students and advisors focus on safety issues facing teens and driving.

Approximately 50 students and advisors from high schools in Braymer, Chillicothe, Hale, Meadville, Milan and Princeton all participated in the event. Interactive topics were presented on safety belt use, drinking and driving, speeding, cell phone use and texting while driving. Speakers included Pam Holt, an RN from St. John’s Trauma Services in Springfield; Sergeant Jason Henke, drug demand reduction coordinator for the Missouri National Guard; and Penny Lorenz, assistant director of THINKFIRST Missouri.

While at the training, each school developed an action plan to address what they determined to be the number one traffic crash concern at their school leading to death and injury. And after the workshop, participating schools can apply for a $200 grant to put their action plan to work.

Team Spirit is a statewide program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Transportation and Cape Girardeau Police Department’s Safe Communities Program committed to empowering youth to promote safe driving habits while preventing underage drinking, drinking and driving, driver inattention and promoting seat belt usage.

Team Spirit is available to all schools in Missouri. For more information about how your school can become involved in this program call 1-800-800-BELT (2358). For more information about this or other programs, please contact MoDOT at: 1-888-ASK-MoDOT (888-275-6636), visit, see our Facebook page or find us on Twitter.