The Trenton Police Department is currently seeking input from their residents.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Chief Tommy Wright:

Chief Wright

Wright said it’s important to know what citizens want from their local law enforcement agencies.  “In our surveys, we’re hoping to get information about how people feel regarding the police services they’re receiving and what their recommendation are as far as programming,” said Wright,” We want to be responsive to the public’s needs.”

Since his arrival, Wright has worked to stay in contact with the citizens of Trenton through the ‘Coffee with a Cop’ program, as well as other efforts.  He  said this is just another way of gathering input from those they serve.  “I think communication with the community is the most important aspect of our job,” said Wright,” We are the community of Trenton’s police department.  We belong to them.  Obviously, we know we’re not always going to be popular or make everyone happy because that’s just the nature of the beast with this job, but we want to serve them as best we can.”

The surveys will be available by visiting the department’s facebook page or dropping by the station in person through January 31st.

Press Release:

Chief Tommy Wright of the Trenton Police Department advises that he is seeking your input on improving police services delivery and desired programs. Chief Wright advises that the Trenton Police Department is seeking the communities input on how they can improve the way they do business as well as suggestions on what the community needs.

“A survey has been posted via a link through our Trenton (Mo) Police Departments Facebook Account” Wright said. The survey will be available from January 1st through January 31st, 2013 and is completely anonymous. Those who do not have access to a computer may respond to the Police Department, located at 610 Main Street, Trenton, and request a paper copy for submission. They may fill it out and mail it in or they may fill it out at the police department and turn it in immediately.

Wright said, “The goal of the survey is to find out what the community believes the leading issues are, how to formulate a plan to address those issues, and make a more seamless delivery of our services”.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Chief Wright at 660-359-5557 or via his email at [email protected]