Cattle producers who were planning to sell cattle this week at the Milan Livestock Auction will need modify those plans.  Sunday night a blaze broke out at the facilty.  Owner Wendell Fleishman says he got the call around midnight that the structure was in flames.

Audio:  Milan Livestock

Fleishman says the challange now is to determine the cause of the fire that destroyed the facility he’s operated for 32 years. 

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Fleishman  says no people or animals were harmed in the fire.  The facility will be closed for an undetermined amount of time.  While the business is closed, Fleishamm asks producers to use their other sales facility in Brookfield.

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To make arrangements contact contact Wendell, Doug or Brad.  They can be reached at:

Brookfield Sales Company at 660-258-2020
Wendell Fleishman 660-265-5523
Brad Fleishman 660-258-2020