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Zachary Parsons

The National 4-H Congress was held in late November in Atlanta, Georgia and among the delegates was Warrensburg resident, Zachary Parsons. Parsons talked recently about his experience at the Atlanta event.  “I was able to meet a lot of 4-Hers from across the United States,” said Parsons, “I was able to learn about their culture and how 4-H works all across the U.S. and its differences and similarities.  It was a great experience where a lot of 4-H youth were able to come together and do a lot of good things together.”

Parsons said one of the many highlights of the experience were the service activities.  “We went to am impoverished school and we actually got to help a lot of the teachers,” said  Parson, “A lot of them were really stressed out and had to work hard to keep these kids under control.  We basically acted as aides for them.  I felt really good about this because it made me realize just how fortunate I am for my education.  A lot of other youth from across the U.S. did other kinds of service work such as helping to beautify some parks.”

Parsons believes the experience will serve him well as he prepares for his future.  “It truly helped me in a lot of ways,” said Parsons, ” I learned a lot about other people, as well as myself, and gained skills that will prepare me.  Also, the interview process and writing the interview taught me that hard work and dedication will help me reach my goals.”

Only 20 4-H members from the state of Missouri were selected to attend the conference.