Garrett Wilhelmus

Garrett Wilhelmus

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A Columbia man, Garrett Tom Wilhelmus, 22, faces two assault charges after an altercation at his apartment, Thursday, December 10, 2015.

According to the probable cause statement, Wilhelmus is facing two class A misdeamnor charges of assault in the third degree.

Allegedly, Wilhelmus recklessly caused physical injury to two women by continuously spraying pepper spray in their faces when the women posed no threat of physical injury to him.

The verbal altercation began when the woman asked Wilhelmus to turn the music down in his apartment. What began has a verbal altercation became an incident with physical injury when Wilhelmus went into his bedroom and returned to the doorway with pepper spray.

Reportedly he was spraying one woman in the face in a continuous fashion, subsequently affecting another woman with the affects of the spray as well.

Three people were said to have been involved with the altercation besides Wilhelmus, but only two reported injuries.