The Marceline School District will put a $4.5 million bond issue before voters this school year. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent Gabe Edgar:

Gabe Edgar

The Board of Education met on Monday. “We kind of took a look at the prioritized list, and so we’re trying to finalize that information. We have our next Facility Needs Committee meeting on September the 23rd. And we’ll be getting a lot more details prepared after that date,” Edgar said, “But we’re excited about the opportunity to run a $4.5 million bond issue and try to update some of our facilities and make Marceline a better place to learn.”

The priority with the funds is renovation of Disney Elementary. “It’s not going to be every classroom down there, but it will be renovation of the first, second, fifth, and third-grade hallways,” said Edgar, “That will include asbestoes abatement, new HVAC, new windows, roof renovation, new lighting, new doors, and floor modernization. And we look for that to be around $1.15 million.”

The money will also be put toward district-wide technology upgrades. A new high school kitchen and cafeteria area are also being considered.

The Board of Education hopes to put this issue before voters in the April 8th election.

Students returned to class on Monday, August 19th.