Click below to listen to KMZU’s Shaylee Miller’s interview with Terry Bell, the Administrative Assistant for the town of Carrollton.


The town of Carrollton held their regular business meeting on Monday, March 2, 2015. There were four ordinances on the agenda for discussion and voting, as well as two points of discussion in new business.

The four ordinances included issues of amending a traffic ordinance, adopting an administrative service from Green Hills, adopting a new criminal ordinance and renewing a confinement of criminals ordinance.

Bell gave a brief description of each ordinance, stating that the traffic ordinance dealt mostly with parking, such as parking the wrong way on a street and the display of a city sticker in a vehicle window. The adoption of the Green Hills administrative service is allowing the hiring of an administration to help with the refurbishing of the armory building for use as a day care. The adoption of the new criminal ordinance was more of a clean-up of the old ordinance. The police department went through the old laws and took outdated laws and assigned penalties for some laws that were lacking. Bell said it was basically, “…repealing inconsistent ordinances and assigning penalties and violations.” The approval of the criminal housing ordinance was simply a renewal contract with Ray County to house Carroll County’s prisoners.

There was a discussion of flow meters being installed in businesses that use a high volume of water. If passed, this would give Carrollton businesses a break on their water/sewer bill. The discussion was tabled until the numbers could be looked at by a lawyer, but the general feeling of the board seemed to be in favor of this proposition if all the numbers checked out. Bell said that there’s a possibility of this being on the agenda for the next meeting.

There was also the discussion of the bids that had been submitted for painting the interior of city hall. The city voted to accept the second lowest bid, in order to give the job to a local business rather than a business out of town. The bids, in order of lowest to highest, were $1,750, $1,950 and $4,381. The board felt it was worth the extra $200 to keep the business local, with Mark Brownley receiving the bid. Bell says the project may get underway as early as Monday.