A job description for a new Assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction was presented to the board.  Superintendent Ryan Huff stated that he would like to post the opening in October with the intent to hire in December.  The new person would begin their duties in July of 2013.  The board approved his request to advertise, but held the option to add or change to the job responsibilities and or perhaps change the job title.
There was also discussion regarding options to upgrade the district’s website.  The group was given bid information from two different companies and ultimately approved a contract with SOCS from Lincoln, Nebraska.  The cost for the project will be approximately $7500 plus travel expenses for trainers to train the staff.  The board also gave approval to create a position within the district to keep the new website up to date.

Superintendent Ryan Huff told the group that the high school roof is in place and that work is being done to repair the ceiling in the gym.  There are reportedly still problems with a section of the floor where water leaked in.  A decision will be made shortly as to whether it will need to be replaced.
At a previous meeting, the board had approved a project to replace carpet at the high school.  Two bids were received and the board approved the bid from Marshall Flooring, LLC in the amount of $22,913.
There was also discussion regarding a vehicle that had been destroyed earlier in the year by fire.  Officials said the vehicle was used to check roads and evaluate bus drivers.  The board took under consideration the purchase of a used truck with 94,000 miles for $5,000 from a local resident.  For now, the board has tabled the issue until further information can be gathered.
The district has received preliminary state testing results.  There was little change in scores for communication studies, but improvements in math scores for several grades indicated that the Saxon math program being utilized by the schools has been beneficial.