Marshall City Council met again last night for the first meeting of June.  The agenda seemed to have very little substance to it but there was a few high points in the meeting that made it productive. Usual business proceeded with a roll call, adoption of the agenda, and approval of minutes from the council meeting of May 18th.

Committee Reports were first on the list, Municipal Services and Personnel Committee were one of only a few to report.  The report consisted of the amount of waste and recycle that has risen in the last year and the amount of traffic going through the city’s airport.  The recycling amount in the city has raised 10 tons as of last year and Municipal Services encouraged citizens to use all recycling outlets and resources the city has to offer. Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport has seen steady flow this year which means fuel cells are being utilized.

The City Administrator was next for committee reports.  First on the report was a request to waive the licensing fee for the carnival that comes into town, the request was approved unanimously by the board. Second was a report on money that needs to be spent, per requested by Mo-Dot Aviation. The money will be going to renovating the terminal building at the municipal airport as reported by the City Administrator.  Bids will be available on Wednesday but the project does not have a projected start date at this time.

City of Marshall Building

City of Marshall Building

Mayor’s report was next and was highlighted by an award presented by Carnegie Mellon University and the Missouri House of Representatives.  The City of Marshall has been recognized as one of the top cities in Missouri to raise a family.  Next on the agenda was the renewals of liquor licenses that need to be done every year. A motion was made to approve all of the renewals and was passed unanimously.

A lone ordinance was last business for the night as first and second readings were held.  The ordinance is an authorization of a contract between the City of Marshall, Missouri, Marshall Municipal Utilities, and Infrasource Construction LLC of New Berlin, Wisconsin.  Basically this contract will allow Infrasource Construction to relocate a gas pipline that leads straight to the local ethanol plant outside of town.  The move is minor and will only be relocated about 10 feet north of the original location.  The project has not yet started and the start date has yet to be announced.

The meeting was then adjourned.  Marshall City Council will meet again June 5th at 5:15 p.m. in the council chambers.