The Food Bank in Marshall has reached the half-way mark in the effort to raise money to expand the existing facility. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Marshall City Administrator Connie Latimer:

Connie Latimer

“When our dad died in April, my brother and I decided that a nice memorial for him would be to have donations to the food pantry fund made in his name,” stated Latimer. “So that got it started, and it has been added to by various people since then. When the gentlemen came to town from Kansas City, I told them that story and they wanted to see the pantry and we have just gone from there.”

Bill Riggins, MSDC, Phil Klawuhn and Todd Nash, Phil Klawuhn and Associates, Connie Latimer, City administrator , Kirk, Vice President Zimmer Real Estate, Marvin, Joe Davis, Custom Engineering, Stacy Sedler, Sterling Consulting Group, Bill Alexander, Alexander Mechanical and Jonathan Dickinson, Dickinson Demolition.

Latimer says that the city of Kansas City has made a donation to the food pantry in the amount of $6,250 so far.

“[The pantry] is located on West Morgan Street,” added Latimer. “It was started in 1987 at the Catholic Church in a trailer. Then it moved to a location on Odell Street, where the Community Action Agency is now, and it had four trailers there. Then it moved to its current location on West Morgan.”

Latimer said that in 2012, 7,157 families were served by the agency, which works out 18,256 people total.

Press Release from Connie Latimer

Kansas City, Missouri – Connie Latimer, city administrator of Marshall, Missouri and Bill Riggins, executive director, Marshall Saline Development Corporation were recently in Kansas City promoting the Urban/Rural Alliance.

The meeting today comes on the heels of the meeting held this past April hosted by Kansas City Mayor “Sly” James and real estate mogul Hugh J. Zimmer chairman and CEO of Zimmer companies.

“Saline County has an immense reserve of entrepreneurial talent and strong institutions like Wood & Huston Bank, Fitzgibbon Hospital, and Missouri Valley College among others, “said Troy Nash, Vice President Zimmer Real Estate Services.

Today’s event featured several entrepreneurs from Kansas City who came together to support the expansion of the community food pantry in Marshall.

Marvin Lyman, president of Radical Consultants said, “We believe in the work the city and MSDC are doing and appreciate the city manager articulating the needs of the city.  We were glad to help promote regional cooperation by supporting this project.”

“Economic development is about building relationships, and that takes time.  We are working to build relationships between communities that previously had little or contact with one another. The projects will be built and jobs will come but the relationships are the key, “said Stacy Sedler, a certified WBE business that participated in the event.